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The Art of the Moving Line

by Kim Murriera — Creative Arts Therapist

Form Drawing is line imprinting itself onto a surface born from the movement of the human hand. It is one of the oldest art forms of humankind. Bronze Age stone carvings, the Lombard and Celtic arts of masonry and book illumination are all expressions of the Art of the Moving Line.

The artistic medium for Form Drawing is the Straight and Curved Line.

It is a Practice rather than a Class.

Form Drawing cultivates an active and tangible relationship to space. It brings awareness to top, bottom, left, right, back, front and inside and out. It brings relationship with negative and positive space. All of this works metaphorically in one’s life as well as massages your physiology into balance. It is therapeutic in nature and will be illuminated in this way while we are in practice with the forms before us.

Join me once a week for a two hour Form Drawing practice where I will systematically guide you into this ancient art form where we become familiar with simple and fundamental forms of long ago progressing over time into more complicated ones.

Attend the First Two Practices for only $25!

Experience Form Drawing with these two classes!

Taster $25

For the Taster: You will need a computer with a webcam, have ZOOM installed, a large newsprint sketch book and chalk pastels.

exact details after purchase

Continue with the 3 Month Form Drawing Practice

Series One: Dive in Deep!


Series One

$300 + 4.17% GET



Series One Subscription

$110 + 4.17% GET

For the Series: You will need a computer with a webcam, have ZOOM installed, a large newsprint sketch book, chalk pastels, a chalk board, chalk and soft none abrasive wet and a dry rag.

exact details after purchase

Practitioners can continue on with Series Two

You MUST take Series One to to qualified to take Series Two

What Practitioners are Saying

Announcing Two Fresh Classes of the Popular Six Month Program:

Starting in the First Week of September 2018

Wednesday Evenings: 6-9pm

Friday Mornings: 9-12am


Kim Murriera

Live Life Artfully

After completing a degree in child development in California, Kim Murriera earned a Teaching Certificate in Waldorf/Steiner Education from Emerson College in the UK. She completed her post-graduate degree in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy in Melbourne, Australia, and received her license for massage therapy in Hawaii.

Her professional skills include Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy, Waldorf Education Classroom Teaching, Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage, Pregnancy and Labor Support and Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Treatments.
She has integrated the hands-on contact of bodywork, the therapeutic quality of creativity and the wisdom of her spiritual life into a unique collaboration with her clients.

Kim is dedicated to listening to her clients and companioning them toward an experience of wholeness, which includes the physical and spiritual bodies and their interconnectedness with the head, heart and hands.

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